Hospitality is the most important part of a wedding function. A good catering service with tasty food enhances the value of the hospitality. Only by engaging the service of a catering unit that is god at every bit of its job, the invitees for the marriage will have the full pleasure and satisfaction of attending the function. Sri Jayam Marriage Service is one of the best catering units in Chennai which has earned the patronage of its customer due to its high class service capability.


The proprietor of Sri Jayam Marriage Service, Mr. R.Viswanathan brought up the company through years of his hard work and perseverance. Over the years, Viswanathan learned the art of catering by working very sincerely for people who have been in catering service for years. He learned the art of cooking and serving and also learned how to run a catering service unit effectively. The personnel working for our unit have been given proper training in all aspects of catering service.

Here is the story of Mr. R.Viswanathan in his own words: “My name is Mr. R.Viswanathan, from Nagai district. My birth place is Thiruvengadu ( Buthan Stalam). After completing my graduation B.Sc in Poompuhar college, I came down to Chennai in the year 1991-not with a world of dreams - just with the hope of gaining a decent livelihood. I joined my cousin in his coconut and catering business. I toiled day and night for a monthly salary of just 500 rupees and three square meals. Within 6 months I leaned the job very well. In course of time I also learned catering and car driving also.

Here I want to quote one particular incident-nay-accident where I could prove my talent. In January 1994 my cousin bought a maxi cab for the company use. While returning from Pondichery after a marriage, the van met with an accident at Meenambakkam killing two persons and injuring 15 cooks. The same day we had to do service for two different functions at Chennai. It was a memorable day for me indeed. We had to do catering service for Grahapravesham of the famous story writers Pattukottai Prabakar and Subha. At the same time we had to do catering service for a Shaptiyaptha Poorthy function also. We transported food from the grahapravesam function to Shastiyaptha Poorthy function and managed both the events successfully. Then onwards my salary was increased to Rs.1500/- per month.

In another incident, we had to hand over a set of eatables to a party at Ashok Nagar. The servant and myself were caught in severe rain. We fell down and I was bedridden for six months.

When the business grew, many of my relatives had joined my cousin. So I parted from my cousin who helped me buy a tourist van. I was operating the tourist van and also was simultaneously doing catering business .

Suddenly I suffered a setback in the business. Somehow I got over the problem and resumed the catering business. I am now married and have son and a daughter. I consider all the three of them as God’s gifts.

In catering business ups and downs are normal. But with great will and perseverance I have been running the business to the best of my ability. Because I happen to be very innocent and open hearted and straight forward in all my personal and professional dealings, I have earned a very good name among my customers and am continuing to do the business in spite of all the many problems involved in it and stiff completion.


Catering is a service that has to be done with dedication and divine spirit. The secret of the success behind Sri Jayam Marriage Service lies in following these principle since its beginning up till now.

Our Sri Jayam Marriage Service has made history in catering service. Many famous families in Chennai are our regular customers. My experience in other catering units and my sincere attempt in learning every bit of catering service have helped me a lot when I started my own unit.

I worked in Jai Mahee marriage service from 91 to 99. During that time I was looking after all kinds of services related to Catering, which included estimation, budgeting and executing etc.

I did catering service for about ten thousand people during the inauguration of Shiva Sankara Baba Ashram near Neelangarai.

I was regular supplier of snacks, tea, coffee to the students in the ashram school founded and run by Latha Rajinikanth(founder) during the period to 1999 to 2004. I conducted two marriages and a sadhabisekham at Thirupathi during the period of 2004.

Now we accept marriage contract in Chennai, Pondicherry, Kumbakonam, Tanjore and Nagai district. Besides marriage, we also undertake catering services for other family functions and corporate events. Apart from offering the service at the places where the functions are held, we also prepare and send the cooked items to any place on order. From 2002 to 2004 we did catering service to DSP SOFTWARE. Now several software units are in the list of our regular customers. We are well-known for our catering services in Web Mambalam as it is our origin and we are the best veg caterers in West Mambalam. We do also offer catering services in Pondicherry.


Our hospitality package consists of all services that are the requisites of a good celebration of a marriage such as Mangala Vaathiyam, Pushpam maalaigal, Seer patchanangal, Angumanisamangal, Vaitheegasamangal, Printing gift bags Aarthi, Pachaipudi, Kolam, Vettrilai, Seeval, Pakku, Icecream, Peeda stall, Kattusaadham etc. We give great attention to every single aspect of the function.

Besides marriage catering services in Chennai, Sri Jayam Marriage Service also undertakes tourist car service. Because of the experience I gained while learning catering, I am now capable of arranging cab service for the marriage parties and also to corporate houses for picking and dropping their employees.

Sri Jayam Marriage Service undertakes catering orders for big companies for all kinds of their functions and celebrations. So for any of your catering and transport needs, you can always rely on Sri Jayam Marriage Service. We offer best Marriage services in West Mambalam for nichayathartham, muhurtham and reception events.

"As Per Thanjai Peoples Request We’ve Opened a new branch in Thanjavur from January 1st 2016 Onwards. ”


  • 06 Feb 2012


    When I am new to Chennai and searching for Marriage Hall to book and do the marraiage arrangements, I just put an add on the net for it. The first call I received it from Jayam Marriage Services. After chencking their Services in another marraige, I took the chance to go with them. I got releived when my son's marriage ended with happiness. All my relatives and friends appreciated the whole setup and the tasty food, good vedio, music, etc. I owe my thanks to "Jayam Marriage Services" particularly Mr. Viswanath and his group, to stand my side and completed the task to my satisfaction. I surely recommend their services to others.

  • JanakiRaman pondy

    My daughter's marriage in pondy on jan19. I arranged Sri jayam marriage service, Ch - 33 the marriage catering & all arrangements is very very excellent and food & filter coffee excellent & hospitality is very super.

  • 04 Jan 2012

    Velraja, chennai

    This is review for the excellent service provided by u on the occasion of my daughter's wedding on 5-12-2011 at ch-33. i would like to extend my heart felt gratitude for the same. Thanks for the excellent hospitality and kind service, keep up the good work.

  • 09 Dec 2011


    My Daughter's marriage fixed on Oct 31st2011 at T. Nagar, Sri jayam marriage service , ch - 33 were taken the full arrangements, They gave excellent foods &superb service. It was a unforgetable moment to my family.

  • 24 Nov 2011


    Sri Jayam Marriage Services were very good in explaining us the procedure of the serve, the menu and the charges. There would be 800 guests for the marriage and look forward for a promising platter from the caterers.

  • 14 Nov 2011


    Sri Jayam Marriage have signed up a contract for our marriage that's being held in March. We are expecting 250 people. We have discussed all the details and are sure they are going to host well.

  • 11 Oct 2011


    Having expected 3000 people for the marriage function we look forward for a catering service that leaves the taste for ever. We have had talks with Jayam Catering and they have impressed us with their talks. We are confident that they would give a scrumptious platter for our guests.

  • 20 Sep 2011

    Kuppuswami, chrompet

    MY brother's 60th birthday function on 2007, Sep month at chrompet, i A to Z serviced done by Sri Jayam Mr. R. Viswanathan , The all services very neat &high quality food items twodays .they gave to our families.

  • 14 Sep 2011

    Srinivasan, pattukottai

    My son marriage at pattukottai onFeb 5,6,7- 2011 full arrangements done by Sri Jayam Marriage Service, chennai -33 they gave what i expect from them with in my budget they made my son's marriage unforgrtable to my family , really excellent.

  • 26 Jul 2011


    I am impressed the way Sri Jayam Marriage Services have discussed with me for our family marriage function. They have estimated moderately for the South Indian Cuisine. I have already paid the advance to them and have confidence that they would do better.

  • Posted a review 5 months ago


    Sri Jayam Catering whom we came to know M/s was one of the many who guaranteed performance as per our specification for my daughters marriage. The function left to their trust for the arrangement of food and other associated jobs were handled well to the satisfaction of one and especially the groom side. The satisfaction didn't even mattered when the estimate exceeded the budget by 25% while finalising bill. Those who are on the lookout for prompt & praise worthy catering service will breathe peace if approach Mr.R.Viswanathan, the quite and capable caterer. Wishing him all the best and satisfaction to those who entrust job he is wellversed in. S. VENKATAKRISHNAN, WEST MAMBALAM-25.12.2014

  • Posted a review 5 months ago


    "The best catering sevices I have ever seen is Jayam Catering service" is the sentence uttered by everyone who attended my marriage in sep,2014.He was introduced as a Caterer, but now he has become my brother.Such a good hearted person who charges reasonably and does work with utmost perfection and care. My marriage was held for 3 days and throughout 3 days ,the food menu was different and it was yummy. The food was well served and the servers were very neatly dressed. Special arrangements were made for bride and groom family at the dining hall.The entire team was very respectful and they helped us right from the minute we entered the wedding hall till we left the hall.BATCHANAM'S were very tasty , my relatives had a feeling of having good batchanam's(murukku,laddu etc..) after a very long time.Stalls which were arranged were suprising and the display plates were so nice.Every relative I met after marriage gave a positive feedback abt the food, Thank you soooooo much anna.

  • 6 months ago


    A marriage purpose I was looking for Catering Service. Then I got call from this people. They quoted me the reasonable charges. And they provided a good quality and tasty food. I am contented with their service.

  • 9 months ago


    Very much glad with the services from Sri Jayam Catering Service, the food was tasty and delicious we had ordered it for house warming ceremony. I ordered for south indian type vegetarian food for 200 people, it was breakfast and lunch, they charged me Rs.120 for tiffen and Rs.170 for lunch. Food was tasty and cost was nominal, overall we are glad in getting food from them.

  • 9 months ago


    My daughter`s marriage was performed on June 12 2014 at Chennai. We were convinced by the way he presented the wedding plan and the reasonable rates.The entire 3 days event was well organized by them.We got a very good feed back from our friends and relatives for the food and Hospitality. We are happy to recommend Sri Jayam Marriage Catering Service to all.

  • Phoned-in Review 9 months ago


    We would refer Sri Jayam Marriage Catering Service with pride, they were awesome in the way of serving the food. Our guests were totally satisfied with the taste. Thanks to the caterers for making us proud.

  • Phoned-in Review 9 months ago


    Awesome food provided by Sri Jayam Marriage Catering Service, we wanted to order food for 1000 people for My Son's Marriage function. We ordered breakfast as well as lunch and they charged us in range of Rs.100 - 130 for breakfast and for lunch Rs.180, it was south indian type of food and their services was good and on time.

  • Posted a review 9 months ago

    Vishwanathan R

    I thank to Mr R. Viswanathan Prop, of Sri Jayam Marriage Service, Ch -33 people for their sincere job in my sister's wedding on Thanjore the. a to z arrangements the whole function and They give excelent service to us tension free really made us to enjoy the occasion completely.wxcellent

  • Posted a review 2 years ago


    My wedding took place on 1st September 2013. My husband is Japanese and so it was with great apprehension that I took up the task of finding a caterer. Mr. Vishwanathan of Jayam Catering offered to do everything that it took to make a great wedding. We had a horse for the Mappillai Azhaippu, which my husband wished to ride :) He was quite a hit with passers-by on that evening, and caused a traffic jam. Our guests, Indian, Japanese and from other countries, enjoyed the various activities starting with the aarthi plates, at which even the men had a turn swirling around. Various stalls occupied the guests and made it an interesting evening for them. The day of the wedding was great fun for all the guests with the Priest asking many people to perform some of the rites. I heard from a lot of people that the event was spectacular and enjoyable. Not the usual dull fare. Thank you Jayam Catering.

  • Posted a review 5 months ago

    Vishwanathan R

    I thank to Mr R. Viswanathan Prop, of Sri Jayam Marriage Service, Ch -33 people for their sincere job in my daughter wedding. a to z arrangements the whole function and They give excelent service to us tension free really made us to enjoy the occasion completely.

  • Posted a review 2 years ago


    I am residing at USA, My Sister"s daughter Marriage is fixed in Kovai on March 1th 2013 the Mandapam & all arrangements is given to Sri Jayam Marriage Service, Ch-33,I got releived when my sister daughter's marriage ended with happiness. All my relatives and friends appreciated the whole setup and the tasty food, good vedio, music, etc. I owe my thanks to "Sri Jayam Marriage Services" particularly Mr. Viswanathan and his Team, to stand my s... More

  • Phoned-in Review 2 years ago


    Very good food provided by Sri Jayam Catering, we were looking for catering service for house warming ceremony. We ordered food for 25 people it was south indian type vegetarian break fast, they charged us Rs. 90 - 100 per plate and they delivered it on time.

  • Phoned-in Review 2 years ago

    Mrs. Sriram

    We had arranged for a family get-together and we wanted to order food for 300 people. We arranged food from Jayam Catering, they charged us Rs.200 per plate and their services was prompt and food also of good taste, everyone enjoyed the food.

  • Phoned-in Review 3 years ago


    No complaints about the service, on time, responded well and food was also good. We wanted to order food for 50 people for house warming ceremony, we had ordered 50 nos breakfast and 50 nos of lunch. It was purely vegetarian food and the overall charges were around Rs.17,000. Good service from Jayam Catering.

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